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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jasmine was featured in the Deseret News Newspaper!

So... funny story.  A long time ago, I was was asked to do an interview with a Utah newspaper who wanted to feature Jasmine.  I did it, but then nothing ever came of it.   I emailed the reporter a couple times over the following months and inquired if she knew when they would be publishing the article.   But the answer was "we'll let you know".  Eventually, I forgot about it and figured it wasn't going to happen.

So then fast forward to July 10th...  several of my friends start tagging me in posts on Facebook that show My Favorite Pup Jasmine's picture on the cover!   They FINALLY decided to publish the article about Jasmine! (I thought they had changed their mind!  But I guess they just had to wait for a slow news day... before they ran the story about a trick dog.) They didn't even tell me that the article came out last Saturday.

So- here's a cute little article about me and Jaz.  The quotes aren't exactly what I said... but oh well.  Close enough!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Take Your Dog To Work Day

My dog Jasmine is multi-talented.  She can't decide if she wants to work in a grocery store or in an office.  Which do you think she would be better suited for?

Customer Service:

or Administrative Work:


Don't forget, this Friday, June 23rd is "Take Your Dog To Work Day"!!  

Send me a picture of your dog on Jasmine's Facebook page!  :)     

Monday, May 1, 2017

A Dog's Purpose

Chewy and Jasmine were part of my viewing audience!  I got excited when I was asked to do a movie review for "A Dog's Purpose"!    We even received a special advanced copy!  (It will be released in stores on Blue Ray and DVD on Tues. May 2nd)

If you haven't heard of it yet, it's based on the excellent book "A Dog's Purpose" by  W. Bruce Cameron.

This is a movie that will tug on your heartstrings.  I'm not sure how much to write without having to give spoiler alerts.  Just so you're not mad at me #SpoilerAlert.  (There- now I'm safe!)  ;)
It's a cool story.  It's from the dog's point of view.  The main story is about a dog named Bailey (the golden retriever on the cover).  And his adventures with his boy Ethan.  The story follows their life together.  And then (hope this isn't a spoiler alert).... ***stop reading if you don't want to know!!**
(Or scroll to the end to enter the give-away to win a copy of the movie for yourself!)

(Random picture of Chewy to prevent accidentally reading the rest.)

I won't say too much about about the movie, because I think you should watch it for yourself.  But after Bailey's life is over, he is reincarnated as another dog... this time a German Shepherd named Ellie!  The storyline follows his life and the difference he makes in the life of his humans.  It's a really sweet story.  Especially the end.  (But again, I don't want to give anything away.)

I was watching the extras when they interviewed W. Bruce Cameron (the author).  And there is an interesting back story to how this book came about.  His girlfriend's dog had just passed away, and she was heartbroken.  They were driving, and this whole story came to him.  He said in the past when he's written a novel, it comes a little at a time.  Bruce said it was like this whole story was downloaded into his brain.  And he just told her the whole story for about 1 1/2 hours while they were driving.  

Anyone who is an animal lover will really appreciate this story.  Bruce also said that with his other books, he's had fans.  But he's never had fans like this.  (Dog lovers are a very loyal breed of humans in my opinion.)  

So- all in all, we give this movie 2 paws up.  :)

Photo Credit:  Sara Carson
Featuring:  Just Jesse the Jack
Hero the Border Collie
My Favorite Pup Jasmine

The movie is getting released on DVD/ Blue Ray/ On Demand on Tuesday, May 2nd.  So if you don't win my rafflecopter give-away (below), then you can just get yourself a copy.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FYI:  (Small print)

*Rafflecopter give-away open to US residents only.  Void where prohibited by law.  Must be 18 or older to participate (or have parent's permission).  Sweepstakes end: 5/9/17 @ 12 am.  Prize is 1 DVD of "A Dog's Purpose". (Approx. retail value: $19.99)  Winner selected at random by rafflecopter.

If you follow Jasmine's blog, you know that I occasionally do product reviews.  I will only work with companies that I feel would have quality products.  I only review products that I will personally use or give my dogs.  (or in this case.... watch!)  ;)
This is just my honest feedback about what I think.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Dog's Purpose Book

So we're really looking forward to the weekend!  

Jaz is excited to test out her doggy cookbook! 

She's a big help in the kitchen!  ;)   (Well, mostly eating... but she would cook if she knew how!)

No automatic alt text available.  
And I'm excited about "A Dog's Purpose"!   
The Blue-Ray and DVD are getting released on Tues. May 2nd.  So this is my weekend to catch up on reading the book!  I always like to read the book before the movie comes out. 

I had a friend recommend this book to me a year ago, but I'm just now getting around to reading it!  I have been forewarned to have tissues ready.  But my friend told me it's a very sweet story.

I will do a review of the movie once I see it!  I'll keep you posted!  Have any of you read it?  What do you think?

On my next blog post, I'm going to have a rafflecopter give-away, so one of you can win a copy of the DVD too!   Stay tuned my friends!!  :)

*I was sent me a box with these products in them, and asked me to do an honest review of their product.  All the opinions posted are my own.  I do not receive any compensation for doing product reviews.  
And I only will review products that I would be willing to give my own dogs.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Addition Pet Foods Taste Test

After meeting with Addiction Pet Foods at Blogpaws this past summer, I agreed to do a product review.  This is not a paid review... they just sent me their dog food to see if my dogs like it.  Plain and simple. 

Last week, a box arrived on our doorstep.  The dogs get excited when anyone comes to the door, because they always assume it's for them.  This time it actually was.

You don't have to be a dog psychic to know they are thinking "open the box!!  Open the box!!"

The Addiction Pet Foods sent us some Salmon Blue dry food, a portable water bowl, and a fuzzy squeaky bone!

I totally thought Jaz would go for the food first.  But nope, she wanted to get that fuzzy squeaky bone before Chewy did.  (He's not allowed to have fuzzy toys, because he destroys them!)

Jasmine, however, was quite content squeaking her new toy.  (Seriously, soft squeaky bones are her favorite things ever.)

Around dinner time, it was time to sample the cuisine.  (Can you see Chewy's tail wagging in this picture??)  :D

Jaz is normally a picky eater.  And I did tell her to "stay", so I could get a picture of what the food looks like.  But after that, she dove right in.  I think we found a winner.

Chewy was next.  I have to feed the dogs separately, otherwise they only care about what's in the other dog's bowl.

Chewy liked it too.  

There's a lot of dog food companies out there.  The reason I agreed to try this one was because they are holistic and use unique proteins in their foods.  Such as salmon, kangaroo, eel, free-range venison, and brushtail.  (Can you tell this company is based out of New Zealand??)  :D

In general, I will only give my pups high quality food.  So I was impressed with this one.  All in all... we give Addiction Dog Foods two paws up!  :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

One of the World's Most Talented Trick Dogs!!

WOW!!!  I was quite amazed today when I got notified that Talent Hounds posted that Jasmine was included on a list of the World's Most Talented Trick Dogs!!!  That's quite an honor considering who's on the list!!


Thank you!!!!  :)    :)    :)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Indepawndence Day: 4 Secrets to Help Your Dog with Fourth of July Stress

The holiday weekend is coming up!  Great for most people.  Not so great for Chewy.  One year, my brother-in-law was watching Chewy while we were gone for the weekend.  Chewy was in the backyard with their dog, and managed to jump a 6 foot cinder block wall and run away!  Luckily someone found him hours later, and called me, and they were able to go pick him up.  But needless to say, that was a stressful 4th of July!

So when Liz Bagot (of One Mind Dogs) asked if she could write a Guest Post on my blog about tips to help your dog with the stress of 4th of July, I agreed!  (and I added a few pics of Chewy/ Jasmine to go along with it.)

Here ya go!

While you're getting ready for barbecues, parties, and fireworks this 4th of July weekend, your dog might be getting a little stressed!
Consider this:  Every year, countless American dogs panic, hide, or even run away on July 4, terrified by the loud fireworks and boisterous barbecues that their humans enjoy so much.  For many dogs and dog owners, Independence Day can be an unhappy event that's more stressful than it is fun.
So how can you relax on Independence Day and enjoy the peace of mind that Fido is also calm and safe?
The dog behavioral experts at OneMind Dogs [https://www.oneminddogs.com/]—a revolutionary dog teaching method out of Finland used by some of the world's top agility trainers and their canine competitors—are sharing some secrets that will help both you and your dog breathe easy on Independence Day. 
Dogs automatically associate the emotion surrounding an experience with the event itself, so if you're alarmed by the fireworks or worried about keeping Fido calm, he will be, too.  If you maintain an upbeat, serene attitude and don't make a big deal out of your dog's nervousness, he will take a cue from you and mirror that behavior.
While soothing words can help calm your own nerves, body language is what your dog naturally understands and responds to first.  When it comes to our canine pals, non-verbal communication speaks much louder than any words you could possibly say.  Communicate to your pooch that it's okay to hide in a safe place by showing him—not telling him—where to go. 
Reward your dog throughout the day using smaller bits of treats.  After all, he is a real champ for making it through such a loud, exciting holiday!  To keep your dog interested in remaining calm and following your lead, spend time finding which treat works best as an incentive.
> Secret #4: GO PREPARED
If you are heading out to a party with your dog, take food and toys—and find out where your dog can go to rest and take a break from all the action.  If you are leaving your dog at home, be sure to give him all the toys and food he needs to make it through the day.  Another pro tip:  Leave one of your unwashed shirts out for him to cuddle up to if he gets nervous.  The familiar smell will help calm him down. 

OneMind Dogs was developed in 2003, when a top-performing agility dog named Tekla suddenly lost her hearing. From then on, her trainer had to see the world from Tekla's perspective and rely only on physical cues to communicate.  What could have been a crushing road block for Tekla's agility career turned into a groundbreaking way for all dogs and their humans to become better connected.  To find out more regarding training and agility, even for non-sporting dogs, check out their website

Happy Indepawndence Day!